SSTIC 2020 step 2

Guillaume Quéré

Challenge Information

Installing Matrix-Synapse

We’ve previously recovered a PostgreSQL dump and a media archive.

Looking into the database we can conclude it’s a matrix-synapse dump.

We’ll need to install matrix and import the database.

I didn’t take notes of the installations process, I simply followed the installation instructions then configured it to use psql according to this documentation.

I didn’t want to crack the users passwords because it’s bcrypt with a work factor of 10 and I know better than trying to run even the simplest of dictionnaries on my antique machine, so I just replaced them all with a hash I generated:

postgres=# UPDATE users SET password_hash = '$2a$10$3TIGn2nHyXMo.oIgm9YPreFlVor2pz0tPGdX/Xsj0OcmMT0GQJfmm' WHERE 1=1;

Then we’re ready to start!

Starting the investigation

Let’s just log as anyone on the server and have a look at the main unencrypted chat room:


TripleChaCha and Gwrizienn seem to have exchanged keys to a room and talked together in private. Let’s investigate.


The flag SSTIC{3e43df4fc2e11c9226bbc2a22bc12a4d083678e6a2f3e9ca2fae05e19ed42ba7} validates step2 and confirms we’re on the right track!

From now on, all flags will be used as the passwords to import users’ Matrix megolm keys. This was a really fun way to self-contain all flags into the initial challenge archive; congrats to the authors on this one, it made the hunting quite playful!

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